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Osteoporosis and Patterns of Postural Change

Where do you see yourself in this picture? How about five or ten years from now? Our posture changes, not because of aging, but more because of poor habits and loss of flexibility and strength. This pattern of postural change may be accelerated by bone density loss called osteopenia (moderate loss) or osteoporosis (significant bone density loss).

The Meeks Method is an evidenced based, comprehensive program that is designed to prevent, arrest and/or reverse the common Patterns of Postural Change. While commonly applied to clients with low bone density, the program is appropriate for varying clientele:

  • A new diagnosis of osteopenia looking for a safe exercise program that keeps you active and bone healthy,
  • Early osteoporosis without loss of height looking to reduce fracture risk
  • Advanced osteoporosis with loss of height and advanced postural changes
  • Post vertebral fracture
  • Complex pain syndromes involving the spine

Bodies in Motion is pleased to offer this program with one of the few physical therapists in the area that is certified in the Meeks Method. For more information on the Meeks Method, please visit

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