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Meet Lynn K. Bernstein


After a successful career in business, Lynn chose to become a physical therapist because she wanted to work in a field where she could directly make a difference in people’s lives. She received her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Marymount University in 2001, followed that with numerous continuing education courses, and in 2015 she enrolled in Drexel University’s yearlong course in the hand and upper extremity. This culminated with passing the national accreditation exam to become a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

Lynn has accumulated more than 5000 hours in direct practice of treatment for the hand, elbow and shoulder, and has over 16 years of clinical experience in physical therapy. To help her patients, she has studied to employ triggerpoint dry needling, which is a technique to relieve severe muscle spasm and help restore the proper function of various muscle groups. She also uses ultrasound imaging to  help her patients target the various muscles they are trying to strengthen.

Lynn is an experienced manual therapist in orthopedic outpatient treatment, who also has worked in hospital-based and nursing home rehabilitation. In her spare time Lynn has taught in the Physical Therapy program at Marymount University and in the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Northern Virginia Community College. She is a credentialed clinical instructor for physical therapy internships, and has acted as clinical instructor to numerous physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

Lynn is certified for direct access, which means that patients can come to her without a doctor’s prescription. At the same time, she strongly believes in communication between the physical therapist and a patient’s physician, and that it’s important to be able to recognize when physical therapy is not an appropriate treatment modality. She believes that physical therapists are an integral part of the healthcare team and should be the practitioner of choice for the evaluation and treatment of patients with musculoskeletal problems. She also knows that physical therapists have a strong role to play in wellness and preventative medicine.

Lynn has a working knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese.

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